I had the pleasure of seeing a few different therapists at Ocean Speech. They all knew what would work for my child and made her happy! Dawn was amazing at our first visit. She helped my husband and I understand what was going on with our daughter and answered all of our questions. We couldn’t be happier!

Mrs. A.

My son, Sam, has been with Dawn, his speech therapist, for many years now. The one thing we always remember is how naturally she was able to connect with Sam, not an easy task for a child with very limited communication skills and autism. Her enthusiasm and love for her profession created a strong bond quickly with my son and as a result, he has made phenomenal progress over the years! Dawn is a woman who truly loves what she does and that is reflected in our sessions. We always feel welcomed and accepted and come away from each session with progress we can take out into the world with us. Thank you for such a wonderful, positive experience!

Mrs. S.

My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and was basically non-verbal since the age of 2 1/2. It was an extremely hard and trying time for the first few years of basically going through speech therapist after speech therapist with no one providing him what he needed in order to help him speak. My last straw, I contacted my insurance company’s case manager and again requested another speech therapist. Within a few days she told me of a place not too far from where we lived and that this person would be able to help us. Well, she did. That person was Dawn. Dawn DiStefano and the Ocean Speech and Learning Center has changed my son’s world and mine. No, it wasn’t the easiest road to take but Dawn never gave up on him and continued to work through his meltdowns and struggles. She has offered to work with the school system and even helped address some issues in ways I never thought of. The Ocean Speech and Learning Center is a God send and I am thankful for all the hard work Dawn has put into this Center. It’s not just a pleasure to see the Center succeed but more so see the children that come through the door of this Center succeed and hear their speech/language improve! I highly recommend Dawn and her team at the Ocean Speech and Learning Center to anyone and everyone I know.

Mrs. M.

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