Speech and Language Therapy

Our staff of Speech-Language Pathologists are proficient in various treatment methods in order to provide therapy for addressing concerns regarding apraxia and motor planning speech disorders, delayed speech and language development, oral-motor or myofunctional speech disorders, articulation disorders, expressive language disorders, receptive language disorders or language comprehension challenges, auditory processing difficulties, executive functioning skills development, autism, stuttering and dysfluent speech production, voice disorders, as well as, dyslexia and other written language challenges.

We strive to continue to expand our repertoire of knowledge with the best therapy approaches.  Some of these methods include but are not limited to: Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol™, Hanen It Takes Two to Talk™, Talk Tools, Beckman Oral-Motor, Picture Exchange Communication System, and Lindamood-Bell LiPs Program™.  We also utilize Orton-Gillingham methods for reading remediation and a variety of oral-motor programs for improving speech sound production skills.


Occupational Therapy

Here at Ocean Speech, our occupational therapist concentrates on the following areas of concern: fine motor control, visual motor/visual perceptual skills, organizational skills along with focus and attention to tasks, self-care skills, coordination and balance skills, and social/emotional functioning.  These skills are treated through multiple therapeutic techniques including but not limited to Handwriting Without Tears™, neurodevelopmental treatment techniques, primitive reflex integration, executive functioning skills development, and Zones of Regulation™.

Physical Therapy

We offer pediatric physical therapy specifically designed to improve movement, strength and overall physical function in children. By guiding your child through a series of fun exercises, activities and targeted interventions, our physical therapist will help your child improve their motor skills, enhance their muscle tone and develop better coordination and balance. They will also work on improving sensory integration, body awareness and overall physical function. Physical therapy helps children catch up with their peers while boosting their confidence, independence and overall quality of life.


Social Groups

Our social groups are therapist-guided interactions with children of similar ages.  These sessions are designed to continue the speech and language goals your child has been working on throughout the year and apply them with the added social aspect of communication in the group. We work on conversational rules such as greetings, topic transitioning, and turn taking to name a few. These rules are the foundations to building friendships and becoming an effective communicator.  If you are interested in receiving additional information about our groups please feel free to give our office a call.

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